Fewer, Better

Sharing My Sole 4/21 10:52A Jaclyn
Turn on your JavaScript to view content When I look back at my blog outfits from 10+ years ago, I’m amazed at the sheer quantity of clothing I owned. I wasn’t necessarily shopping for the highest...

March Favorites

Sharing My Sole 4/11 12:00A Jaclyn
Alex Mill Button-Back Sweater // Alex Mill Pants // Stan Smith Sneakers Turn on your JavaScript to view content It’s been a couple months since my last blog post. (Ahem, how is it April?!) Life has...

Powder Brows: An Eyebrow Upgrade!

Glam Karen 3/29 8:55A Glam Karen
What is the meaning of powder brows? What are Powder Brows? Well, you can think of it as a tattoo. But not the type you might be thinking of. We mean a subtle, natural-looking upgrade to your already...

Am I Too Sensitive For the Internet? Probably.

Someone Like You 2/19 5:46P (SomeoneLike
I remember back in the peak of blogging public enemy #1 for me was GOMI, or get off my internets. If you have no idea what the fuck I'm talking about, it's probably for the best, but I'll explain what it was. GOMI was kind of like the Diet Prada...

Closetful of Clothes but Nothing to Wear?

Glam Karen 2/17 10:08A Glam Karen
Nothing to wear? Crowded closet jammed with clothes offers no ideas? Can t find one chic outfit to wear after literally digging through that cramped closet full of clothes? Always wearing the same...
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