Depressive Episodes and Coping

Someone Like You 11/27 2:03P (SomeoneLike
It was tough for me to realize a few years back that just because you're on SSRIs for depression, doesn't mean the depression is fully gone and out of your life. I think what was hardest for me to...

Holiday Gifts Under $50

Sharing My Sole 11/13 10:05A Jaclyn
This week I started a little bit of my holiday shopping, which is honestly early for me. I typically wait for Black Friday, but some of the big sales have already started. For my first gift guide, I...

Sephora Holiday Savings Event

Sharing My Sole 11/1 2:08A Jaclyn
A few months back I devastatingly lost my makeup bag at the Boston airport. All my everyday essentials. Since I more or less had to replace everything, I figured the Sephora Savings Event would be a...

B is for Betty

Someone Like You 10/9 3:55P (SomeoneLike
My grandma was a collector of beautiful things. She loved everything floral, feminine and delicate. We would often take trips together to Carousel Antiques when I was visiting home from New York City....

Is Blogging Dead and Can It Make a Comeback?

Someone Like You 9/27 2:46P (SomeoneLike
The other day I was curious if any of the old fashion blogs I used to read were still around. Originally finding them back in 2008/2009 was like discovering a key to another world. I would spend hours...

A New York Story

Someone Like You 9/21 3:05P (SomeoneLike
I've been settling back into my routine here in Brooklyn after spending time in Ohio on and off this summer. I think I finally feel like I'm falling back into the swing of things: just in time to head...

Freezing Time

Someone Like You 9/8 12:25A (SomeoneLike
My grandma passed away on August 13th. Almost a month has passed and I've been wanting to write about it, but it feels like nothing I share would fully capture what she meant to me. Still means. One...

July Favorites

Sharing My Sole 8/25 6:52A Jaclyn
This past week I watched as my friends posted back-to-school photos of their kiddos and it fully dawned on me we’re rounding the corner to the unofficial start of fall. This summer has been busy and...
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