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Copacabana? No Silly, It’s Cubicasa!

Cleveland Appraisal 5/12 2:00P Cleveland Appraisal Blog
Have you been to the Copacabana? Perhaps you ve been to the Copacabana nightclub in New York City, made popular by Barry Manilow’s song Copacabana in 1978. Of course, the original Copacabana is a...

Essential Home Moving Tips for Seniors

Cleveland Appraisal 5/5 2:07P Cleveland Appraisal Blog
Howdy friends! I hope that you re doing well! I have a special post from a first-time guest blogger, Betty White. If you re a senior and considering moving, this article offers some tips that may make...

Is Your “Crazy” Neighbor Lowering Your Home’s Value?

Cleveland Appraisal 4/21 8:11A Cleveland Appraisal Blog
It’s tax appeal season and I’ve had several homeowners say that they feel their neighbors are negatively impacting the value of their home for different reasons. Is that the case? Can that be the...

Creating the Perfect Home Office in a Small Living Space

Cleveland Appraisal 4/10 2:59P Cleveland Appraisal Blog
Hello! I hope you are hanging in there in these crazy times! This time of year I often have a lot of tax appeal work which keeps me crazy busy in March. As you might imagine, increases in home prices...

Planning an Open House? Don’t Forget These Key Preparations

Cleveland Appraisal 3/19 9:24A Cleveland Appraisal Blog
Greetings! The spring selling season is upon us. If you re planning on selling your home, you re probably going to have open houses so that you can let buyers see for themselves the wonderful features...

The Ups and Downs of Stairs

Cleveland Appraisal 3/3 4:24P Cleveland Appraisal Blog
How many steps have you taken in your life? How many steps do most people take in a lifetime? I’m sure that there are many factors that impact this. According to some studies , the average person will...

How to Move and Start a Home Business – Yes, at the Same Time

Cleveland Appraisal 2/24 3:14P Cleveland Appraisal Blog
Hello everyone! Home businesses are becoming more common these days. This week, I welcome back guest blogger June Duncan, who wrote this article for the Cleveland Appraisal Blog. I hope you enjoy her...
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