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What’s The Size of Your Driveway?

Cleveland Appraisal 12/2 1:55A Cleveland Appraisal Blog
One appraiser reports a driveway to be two cars in size. Another says the same driveway is six cars in size and another says the driveway is an eight-car driveway. They may all be correct! How so? It...

Zillow Zinged

Cleveland Appraisal 11/11 2:28A Cleveland Appraisal Blog
I have written several articles demonstrating the inaccuracy of AVMs like Zillow’s Zestimates. You might enjoy reading AVM s & Punxsutawney Phil s Accuracy , AVM s The Wonder Bread of Value ,...

How Remaining Economic Life Works

Cleveland Appraisal 10/29 2:43A Cleveland Appraisal Blog
If you re reading through an appraisal report, and you make it to the Cost Approach, which is where appraisers report either the reproduction or replacement cost of the home they are appraising, you...

High-Impact Home Upgrades for Any Budget

Cleveland Appraisal 10/22 12:47A Cleveland Appraisal Blog
When you looked at your email today, you no doubt received a post indicating a new article was out entitled How Remaining Economic Life Works . So, funny story I just started working on that article....

What’s The Leaven Causing Home Prices to Rise Today?

Cleveland Appraisal 10/14 1:24P Cleveland Appraisal Blog
When baking, there are different ingredients that are used that will make the dough rise. Typically, yeast is the ingredient used to make bread rise. How does yeast work? Here s a little video to...

A Little on the Birds & The Bees

Cleveland Appraisal 9/17 8:00P Cleveland Appraisal Blog
I ve been thinking of a good time to talk about this topic. I’ve gone back and forth on when to bring it up. It feels like now is as good a time as any to talk about the birds and the bees. Hey now!...

3 Ways Agents Can Help Appraisers to Be More Accurate

Cleveland Appraisal 9/3 1:00A Cleveland Appraisal Blog
In most parts of the country, real estate appraiser s main source of data is the multiple listing service. (MLS) We use it to find homes that are comparable to the ones we are valuing, to determine...
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