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Advantages of Starting Your Business in Cleveland

Cleveland Appraisal 8/3 2:12A Cleveland Appraisal Blog
Are you considering starting a business in the Cleveland area? I moved from Denver, Colorado to the Cleveland area in 1996. It s a great place to start a business! This week I welcome back guest...

Do Appraisal Gap Clauses Impact Appraisals?

Cleveland Appraisal 7/20 11:33A Cleveland Appraisal Blog
I recently gave a presentation and was asked if appraisal gap clauses impact the way appraisers are developing their opinion of value? In other words, do appraisal gap clauses cause appraisers to be...

Making Your First Home Purchase Choice

Cleveland Appraisal 7/16 10:50A Cleveland Appraisal Blog
Purchasing your first home is exciting! There are a lot of choices to consider. This week, I welcome back guest blogger Shirley Martin, who shares her insights on this topic. I hope you enjoy this...

Is A Cubicasa Scan an Inspection?

Cleveland Appraisal 7/6 3:16P Cleveland Appraisal Blog
In one Facebook group the other day, (yes, I m back on Facebook ) one member mentioned they feel that a person who scans a property to provide an appraiser with a floor plan should be licensed. What...

7 Home Security Tips for Spring & Summer

Cleveland Appraisal 6/23 3:39P Cleveland Appraisal Blog
Hello! I hope your spring has been fantastic! It s hard to believe that we are nearly to summer! This week I welcome back guest blogger Betty White with some tips on home security for the spring and...

Why Appraisers Don’t Depreciate Land

Cleveland Appraisal 6/16 3:35P Cleveland Appraisal Blog
What’s the difference between a newly constructed home and a hundred-year-old home? Depreciation! When developing an opinion of the market value of a property, what appraisers are really measuring is...

How to Create Your Dream Home Office Without Breaking the Bank

Cleveland Appraisal 6/7 8:49A Cleveland Appraisal Blog
Hidy Ho friend! I hope you re enjoying a little bit of the great outdoors! This week I will be traveling to Columbus for the annual Ohio Coalition of Appraisal Professionals summer seminar. I m...

Does Your Property Need to Be Jacked Up?

Cleveland Appraisal 5/26 3:46P Cleveland Appraisal Blog
Does your home need to be jacked up? Perhaps a better way of asking is, does your house need a lift? Occasionally, when performing appraisal inspections/observations, I see homes that suffer from...

Copacabana? No Silly, It’s Cubicasa!

Cleveland Appraisal 5/12 2:00P Cleveland Appraisal Blog
Have you been to the Copacabana? Perhaps you ve been to the Copacabana nightclub in New York City, made popular by Barry Manilow’s song Copacabana in 1978. Of course, the original Copacabana is a...

Essential Home Moving Tips for Seniors

Cleveland Appraisal 5/5 2:07P Cleveland Appraisal Blog
Howdy friends! I hope that you re doing well! I have a special post from a first-time guest blogger, Betty White. If you re a senior and considering moving, this article offers some tips that may make...
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