Who profits off Peninsula's speed camera program?

News 5 Cleveland (Investigations) 1/18 10:58A Sarah Buduson
A News 5 investigation raises serious questions about the tactics used to nab drivers speeding through the Village of Peninsula. Driving the speed limit, News 5 found it dropped from 40 to 35 miles...

Study: Smoking permanently shrinks the brain, driving up dementia risk

News 5 Cleveland (National News) 1/2 2:33P Alex Arger
Smoking cigarettes has long been linked to health issues involving the mouth, lungs and chest. However, a new study has found another negative effect of the harmful habit this time, involving a smoker's brain. Researchers out of Washington...

Mickey Mouse enters the public domain, but with many legal caveats

News 5 Cleveland (National News) 12/31 5:00P Casey Mendoza
Ninety-six years after their first big-screen appearance, two of the most iconic and recognizable characters in the world are sailing straight into the public domain. It marks the first time the characters of Mickey and Minnie Mouse can freely be...

TikTokers broke into an abandoned Howard University building

News 5 Cleveland (National News) 12/30 5:11A Taylor O'Bier
Howard University said its Department of Public Safety is investigating an incident where a group of people broke into an abandoned building on campus and posted about it on TikTok. But some people are more concerned about what the TikTokers...
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