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6 Viruses That Can Cause Cancer

Health Essentials | Cleveland Clinic Blog 8/12 12:25A schneik4
The truth is doctors and scientists don’t know what causes most types of cancer. Yes, some lifestyle behaviors, like smoking , can increase your risk. Hereditary factors sometimes play a role, too, like if breast cancer runs in your family. And...

The Best Vitamins and Supplements for Hair Growth

Health Essentials | Cleveland Clinic Blog 8/12 12:24A schneik4
You want hair so healthy that it shines. But can anything other than good genes turn you into a walking shampoo ad? Yes, says dermatologist Shilpi Khetarpal, MD , with the help of some vitamins for hair growth like vitamin A and biotin and...

Are Menstrual Cups Right for You?

Health Essentials | Cleveland Clinic Blog 8/12 12:24A schneik4
Periods are no walk in the park. If you’re not dealing with cramps , you’re trying to make sure you’re well protected during your heavier days. Some of us can wear just a tampon or a maxi pad. Others have to double up and wear both — and change...

Quick Snacks To Help Kick Your Sugar Craving

Health Essentials | Cleveland Clinic Blog 8/12 12:23A schneik4
Ah, sugar . Most of us turn to sugary snacks to help us get through the day. It’s a hard habit to break, for sure. While foods like pastries, desserts and candy are full of sugar , you may not realize that some other popular snacks contain hidden...

Summit County reports first monkeypox case in a resident

News 5 Cleveland (Your Health Matters) 8/11 5:06A
Summit County Public Health reported the first confirmed case of monkeypox in a county resident with out-of-state exposure.The case was reported Thursday morning by SCPH, who said there are no direct contacts to the case residing in Summit...

Why Trauma-Informed Care Matters

Health Essentials | Cleveland Clinic Blog 8/11 12:26A schneik4
What do you think of when you think of trauma? It can happen as a result of abuse, violence or neglect. But it can also be due to a loss, war or a natural disaster. Trauma can happen to anyone, anytime, and the mental, physical, social and...

Back-to-School COVID-19 Safety Tips

Health Essentials | Cleveland Clinic Blog 8/11 12:25A zaleska
Your child’s back-to-school checklist likely includes a lot of things — buying school supplies, signing permission forms, packing lunch bags. Getting sick probably isn’t on this to-do list; although, it’s often inevitable that heading back into...

Recipe: Grilled Peaches With Yogurt, Honey and Mint

Health Essentials | Cleveland Clinic Blog 8/11 12:25A Wellness Team
Put together four simply delightful ingredients and you’ve got one totally delicious and nutritious dessert. Plus, this no-bake treat keeps your kitchen cool on warm summer days. How sweet! Ingredients 4 peaches, halved and pitted 1/2 teaspoon...

Best Eggs to Buy: When Labels Matter Most

Health Essentials | Cleveland Clinic Blog 8/11 12:24A Wellness Team
Egg cartons are some of the most meticulously labeled items in a grocery store. One quick glance and you’ll see a number of (seemingly) interchangeable terms like “free-range,” “free-roaming,” “pasture-raised,” “farm fresh” and more. So how do...

Kids in London offered polio booster shot after more virus found

News 5 Cleveland (Your Health Matters) 8/10 5:13A
British health authorities say they will offer a polio booster dose to children aged 1 to 9 in London, after finding evidence the virus has been spreading in multiple regions of the capital, despite not confirming any cases of the paralytic...

Is It Safe To Eat Eggs Every Day?

Health Essentials | Cleveland Clinic Blog 8/10 12:25A bigleyj
You can cook up eggs a whole lot of ways. From veggie omelet muffins to scrambled eggs with fried rice and even plain ol’ over easy — eggs are a versatile food that fits in to just about anyone’s morning routine (and it’s great for other meals,...

5 Back-to-School Sleep Tips for Kids

Health Essentials | Cleveland Clinic Blog 8/10 12:24A Children's Health Team
Mention the word “bedtime” in the summer and you’re sure to hear groans from your kids — especially if they’ve spent the last few months staying up late and sleeping until noon. When it’s time to go back to school, though, getting back into...

Why Are RSV Cases Increasing During Summer Months?

Health Essentials | Cleveland Clinic Blog 8/10 12:23A gilmerm
Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) seems to have a new season. Cases of the illness — which traditionally peak during fall and winter — have once again increased over summer. The bump this year followed a massive spike in 2021. The calendar shift...

Got Flu? Here’s How Long You’ll Be Contagious

Health Essentials | Cleveland Clinic Blog 8/10 12:22A evansm22
When the leaves change colors. When your cozy sweater comes back from its summer vacation in the back of your closet. When everything is flavored with pumpkin spice. It can only mean one thing. Flu season is coming. The flu vaccine and preventive...
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